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Vanguard Tranquil Thought

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NameTranquil Thought
Starts at NPCShabaqen Haashqo
Related MobsLord Neferset
Starts In ZoneTehatamani Harbor
Objectives Fill the jars at the three bodies of water to the north of the Lucent Circle Outpost, and then return to Shabaqen.
- Chamber of Relics Lake Water (0/1)
- Osirum Gateway Lake Water (0/1)
- Abammisi Lake Water (0/1)
Description Shabaqen says, "You have attainted the rank of Acolyte within the Lucent Circle, and proven yourself worthy of advancing to the rank of Apprentice. Before you, I place the task of gathering the materials need to cleanse the portal to the northeast. Travel to the three bodies of water to the north and fill one of these jars at each of them. Then return with the filled jars to me.”


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