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Vanguard Speak To Headmaster Uebatix

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NameSpeak To Headmaster Uebatix
Related MobsHeadmaster Watlun Uebatix
Starts In ZoneMekalia
Objectives Speak to Headmaster Watlun Uebatix, and determine where Gavea is located. Remember to equip your I-4 badge or Watlun will not know who you work for.
- Where in Mekalia is Niro Gavea?
Description From your conversations with the various inventors and wizards working on "The Project," you have determined that Niro Gavea is the next most likely person to go missing. Only Headmaster Watlun Uebatix currently knows where Niro Gavea is. You need to track him down before it is too late. Equip your I4 badge so that Watlun knows who you work for.


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