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Vanguard Rewrought Infineum Armor

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NameRewrought Infineum Armor
Starts at NPCSmith Of'barba
Starts In ZoneCoterie Infineum Sanctuary
Objectives Find a piece of Scavenged Infineum Armor, resmith it into Rewrought Infineum Armor and return to Smith Of'Barbar to learn the final step. Those who lack the skill to resmith the armor for themselves can entice Of'Barbar for help if they buy him an ale.
- Bring Of'Barbar some Rewrought Infineum Armor
Description Smith Of'Barbar tells you, "The first step is to collect a piece of Scavenged Infineum Armor from the local humanoid population. Any blacksmith can then rework the armor into Rewrought Infineum Armor; if you are a blacksmith, and only require the recipe, you can buy a recipe book from me." "Bring me a piece of Rewrought Infineum Armor, and I will tell you how to proceed to the final step." "If you are lacking the skills to rework the armor, I can do it for you, but I require that you buy me an ale!"


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