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Vanguard Database News - Wide Variety

First off be sure to use the Read Full News link after these pages if you want to see the full list of what is new and updated... That having been said, we started today on what will be a focus over the next few days: Documenting the skills and abilities of the various classes. We realize that Vanguard is just a couple weeks away and that many players are trying to decide which class is right for them. So we will be pushing hard over the next week to bring you as much of that information as possible.

New Bestiary (15): Defender Darmiun Stoneaxe, Eloren Cloudhammer, Defender Redbeard, Defender Grimthorn, Defender Hammerhand, Defender Copperfist, Defender Proudjaw, Defender Gaxron, Defender Gavris, Defender Havros, Dark Prowler, Dreadbone Rider, Lost Soul Conscript, Reanimated Bear, Broken Fang Necromentor
Updated Bestiary (33): Foreman Tronin, Miner Pikebrand, Miner Threecaves, Engineer Binth Moregan, Gate Captain Trim Khelzdon, Defender Albran Blackstone, Thane Kojomash, Broken Fang Pawn, Broken Fang Spotter, Broken Fang Lookout, Salagor Patog, Neergosh Stalmak, Kaljourn Hett, Thane Ikarm, Shield Dagobert, Shield Velsheul, Reanimated Wolf, Shadow Widow Spiderling, Thane Kan Ukaras, Boulder Wildman, Boulder Wildman Brute, Defender Thunderblade, Defender Blackhammer, Defender Grollbog, Defender Grannow, Defender Bragand, Defender Stubbletoe, Defender Grendegg, Defender Grimfall, Defender Bragheart, Defender Stronghand, Miner Stonekin, Desecrated Warrior
New Items (13): Crocodile Skin Cuffs, Jixril's Sapphire Mask, Culmerk's Crate, Eiflia's Pack, Dull Elemental Earth Essence, Dull Elemental Earth Residue, Torn Wool Boots, Valve Oil, Necromantic Wand, Plated Deadslayer Legs, Oiled Deathslayer Leggings, Inscribed Deathslayer Leggings, Canvas Deathslayer Leggings
Updated Items (8): Heavy Leather Boots, Decayed Gnoll Snout, Calipers, Dull Elemental Earth Shard, Animated Stone Heart, Longsword of Kortella, Greatsword of Kortella, Staff of Kortella
New Objects (2): Corpse Of Boulder Wildman, Corpse Of Boulder Wildking
Updated Zones (8): Trial Island, Swamps Of Rumug, Traboh Island, The Fallen Cove, The Lost Shores, The Forgotten Battlefield, Isle Of Martin, Carroll Island
New Spells (25): Stalk, Backstab I, Backstab II, Ravage I, Lacerate I, Lacerate II, Drub I, Shank I, Hemorrhage II, Ruin I, Pickpocket I, Plunder I, Keen Eye I, Keen Eye II, Blinding Flash, Smoke Bomb, Elusive Mark I, Blindside, Blackjack I, Ploy, Sever the Tie I, Striking the Mountain I, Humming Blade I, Razor Parts Silk I, Echoing Cut I
Updated Spells (3): Wicked Strike I, Wicked Strike II, Hemorrhage I
New Quests (4): Halgar's Sword, Broken Fang Pawns, Beckon the Call, The Southern Outpost
Updated Quests (8): The Path of the Blacksmith, Blacksmith Training: Tools of the Trade, The Trial of Courage (Group), Into the Den, Broken Fang Threat, Undead Animals, Necromantics, The Shield

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