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Vanguard Database News - Spells, Bestiary, Items

In addition to having another rather large update, Nic has been hard at work adding new spell and ability features. We now have a By Class search for spells, which is sorted by level. In addition to this if a spell is part of a series then you can find links to each of the upgrades in the description.

New Bestiary (5): Defender Halhkar Gravelstone, Rear Captain Halmidur Granitebeard, Slavemaster Krult, Clan Master Gwartak, Gwartak Drum-Sounder
Updated Bestiary (1): Sharpmouth Frog
New Items (3): Scalp Of The Boulder Wildking, Cured Hide Leggings, Head Of Slavemaster Krult
Updated Items (4): Kobold Spine, Tiny Kobold Tooth, Spirit Summoner Charm, Barrel Of Supplies
New Objects (2): Corpse Of Boulder Wildman Brute, Corpse Of Sharpmouth Frog
New Spells (177): Dark Ward I, Symbol of Despair I, Amarthic, Black Wind I, Phantasmal Blade I, Scythe of Doom I, Seething Hatred I, Scourge I, Enthralling Nexus I, Slay I, Vengeance I, Barrier of Steel I, Battle Frenzy I, Battle Frenzy II, Brutal Strike I, Brutal Strike II, Brutal Strike III, Brutal Strike IV, Brutal Strike V, Command: Attack I, Command: Defend I, Decimate I, Decimate II, Decimate III, Decimate IV, Defenseless I, Defenseless II, Defenseless III, Devastating Blow I, Devastating Blow II, Devastating Blow III, Devastating Blow IV, Devastating Blow V, Disarm, Enrage I, Grim Determination I, Grim Determination III, Grim Determination II, Group Command: Defend I, Infuriating Shot, Kick, Leap Attack I, Life Rend, Overwhelm I, Overwhelm II, Power Attack, Primal Fury, Protect, Rend Armor I, Riposte I, Riposte II, Roar of Fury I, Roar of Fury II, Savage Cut I, Savage Cut II, Savage Cut III, Savage Cut IV, Savage Cut V, Shield Bash I, Shield Bash II, Shield Bash III, Shout of Defiance I, Shout of Defiance II, Shout of Fury I, Shout of Fury II, Shout of Fury III, Shout of Fury IV, Steel Tempest I, Steel Tempest II, Steel Tempest III, Stinging Cut I, Stinging Cut II, Stunning Bellow I, Stunning Bellow II, Stunning Bellow III, Taunt II, Taunt III, Taunting Strike I, Taunting Strike II, Waylay I, Whirlwind I, Defensive Stance, Offensive Stance, Holy Strike I, Holy Strike II, Holy Strike III, Holy Strike IV, Holy Strike V, Hammer of Judgment I, Hammer of Judgment II, Hammer of Judgment III, Hammer of Judgment IV, Hammer of Judgment V, Hammer of Valus I, Hammer of Valus III, Hammer of Valus IV, Hammer of Valus V, Blades of Vol Anari I, Blades of Vol Anari II, Blades of Vol Anari III, Champion's Might I, Champion's Might II, Champion's Might III, Champion's Might IV, Champion's Might V, Vothdar's Mighty Strike I, Vothdar's Mighty Strike II, Vothdar's Mighty Strike III, Vothdar's Mighty Strike IV, Sentinel's Blessing I, Sentinel's Blessing II, Sentinel's Blessing III, Strike of Gloriann II, Guardian's Assault I, Guardian's Assault II, Guardian's Assault III, Strike of Conviction I, Strike of Conviction II, Vanquish I, Vanquish II, Devout Foreman I, Devout Foreman II, Upbraid, Smite I, Smite II, Smite III, Smite IV, Healing Touch I, Healing Touch II, Healing Touch IV, Healing Touch V, Cry of Solace I, Cry of Solace II, Blessing of Vothdar, Blessing of Gloriann's Protection, Blessing of Gloriann's Peace, Blessing of Vaelion, Judgment of the Impure, Judgment of the Envious, Judgment of the Proud, Judgment of the Bloodthirsty, Judgment of the Wraithful, Marshalling Cry I, Marshalling Cry II, Marshalling Cry III, Blood Oath, Boon of Valus I, Boon of Valus II, Boon of Vol Anari II, Boon of Vol Anari III, Courage II, Courage III, Cry of Illumination I, Barrier of Faith, Prayer of Life, Wings of the Avenger, Laying On Of Hands I, Laying On Of Hands II, Laying On Of Hands III, Sunburst I, Sunburst II, Sunburst III, Paragon of Justice, Zeal, Shield of Charisma, Shining Beacon, Final Stand, Protector's Fury I, Protector's Fury II, Protector's Fury III, Protector's Fury IV, Entwine II, Contrition I, Contrition II, Retort I, Retort II, Retort III
Updated Spells (15): Torture III, Adamant Foreman I, Adamant Foreman II, Group Command: Assault I, Taunt I, Hammer of Valus II, Strike of Gloriann I, Healing Touch III, Boon of Vol Anari I, Courage I, Dictum of Valus I, Dictum of Valus II, Dictum of Valus III, Dictum of Valus IV, Entwine I

- koboldkiller <2007-01-16 03:01:15>


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