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Vanguard Database News - Keeping it Going

As a reminder be sure to use the Read All News link below each news post for the rest of this month if you want to see the full sized updates. Most of them are huge and being clipped by our 50 addition limit on the front page.

New Bestiary (48): Captain Baerdun Ironguard, Nori Anvilfist, Defender Turgin Foecleaver, Trainee Gretta Silverstone, Apprentice Hearthfinder, Engran Hearthwarden, Belgran Stoneaxe, Aerlund Goldhammer, Rykarn Bloodstone, Trainee Bulvar Hearthfinder, Eldramir Greybeard, Gwartak Grunt, Scavenging Gwartak, Small Vale Crawler, Dwarven Trainee, Delga Stonewarden, Gwartak Boneseer, Ledge Crawler, Harrowing Strix, Gwartak Scavenger, Nedden Granitefist, Gwartak Gatherer, Gwartak Hovelguard, Gwartak Hillscourer, Trainee Brunt Slatebeard, Vale Crawler, Nighthunter Jarkholdt, Swiftfang Nakkar, Ghostclaw Varghor, Nighthunter Dharru, Moritha, Trainee Helm Dusthammer, Nesting Peaks Griffon, Gramkin Blackshield, Culmerk Griffinmarch, Caldrik Faithforge, Glenna Darklight, Boranin Fraybeard, Darra Nightbellow, Jagvold Koklhamm, Eiflia Goldforge, Beulgrin Copperbrow, Brustam Hornblend, Crenn Paleforge, Sharpmouth Frog, Lake Skimmer, Moleshark Pup, Seething Soul
Updated Bestiary (33): Defender Blute Hammersmith, Bahz Runecarver, Sila Surefoot, Trainee Sanna Darkruby, Trainee Rudnar Ironhammer, Ysildra Greencopper, Trainee Nomi Blackshield, Trainee Elbran Anvilfist, Maura Darkhammer, Scorpion, Gwartak Spiderhunter, Cackler Monarch, Altar, Large Blood Crab, Ghostclaw Grimaw, Swiftfang Kovr, Swiftfang Rikor, Spiritrager Voler, Splintering Soul, Spiritrager Jalgresh, Spiritrager Jukkar, Minor Soul Eater, Spiritrager Volsar, Swiftfang Boshra, Swiftfang Reman, Swiftfang Coarr, Freshwater Fish, Bilescale Cockatrice, Sprig Sprite, Stoneshell Turtle, Goliath Spider, Nighthunter Karnom, Gwartak Lookout
New Items (31): Tiny Kobold Tooth, Small Vale Crawler, Pure Brown Horse (Rank 1), Dusky Brown Horse (Rank 2), Dark Brown Horse (Rank 3), Small Backpack, Small Bag, Minor Constitution Potion, Minor Dexterity Potion, Minor Intelligence Potion, Minor Strength Potion, Minor Vitality Potion, Minor Wisdom Potion, Minor Stone of Rage, Crude Barbed Arrow, Crude Flight Arrow, Vale Crawler Venom Sac, Gwartak Bone Charm, Scorched Ember, Delga's Bag, Shiny Red Apple, Block of Cheese, Horseshoes (Rank 1), Dark Blue Tack (Rank 1), Leather Barding (Rank 2), Worn Saddlebags, Binding Crystal, Spiritrager's Gloves, Nighthunter Pauldrons, Blessed Pauldrons, Packstitched Mantle
Updated Items (11): Kobold Spine, Bent Hammer, Minor Soul Eater's Heart, Spiritrager's Boots, Spiritrager's Belt, Seething Essence, Spiritrager's Cap, Swiftfang Pauldrons, Small Leather Toolbelt, Hammer, Calipers
Updated Objects (1): Weakened Pine Tree
New Spells (10): Summon Mount, Minor Constitution, Minor Dexterity, Minor Intelligence, Minor Strength, Minor Vitality, Minor Wisdom, Minor Damage, Light Snack, Snack
New Quests (8): Specialized Training, Soul Suffering, The History of the Spiritragers, The Essence of Souls, The Broken Fang Threat, Resource Denial, The Path of the Outfitter, Blacksmith Training: Tools of the Trade
Updated Quests (6): The Path of the Blacksmith, Report to Agent Narglok, The Path of the Artificer, Hail to the Chief, Gnolls Amok, Assist the Spiritragers

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